Fear & Greed Index


The Fear & Greed Index, developed by alternative.me, is a critical tool for understanding the emotional dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. This index provides a measure of the prevailing sentiment among investors, ranging from "Extreme Fear" to "Extreme Greed." Understanding this sentiment can offer valuable insights for trading decisions in the often volatile crypto market.

What is the Fear & Greed Index?


The Fear & Greed Index is a gauge of market sentiment in the crypto space. It assigns a numerical value from 0 to 100 to represent the collective emotional state of the market, where 0 indicates "Extreme Fear" and 100 signifies "Extreme Greed."


  • Emotional Check: The index aims to save investors from their own emotional overreactions, such as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or panic selling in response to falling prices.

  • Market Opportunities: It operates under two primary assumptions: Extreme fear could indicate a potential buying opportunity, while extreme greed might signal an impending market correction.

How is the Fear & Greed Index Calculated?

Data Sources

The index aggregates data from five key sources to represent sentiment accurately:

  1. Volatility (25%): Measures Bitcoin's current volatility and maximum drawdowns, comparing them to 30-day and 90-day averages.

  2. Market Momentum/Volume (25%): Combines current volume and market momentum against recent averages.

  3. Social Media (15%): Analyzes interactions on Twitter related to Bitcoin, evaluating public interest and sentiment.

  4. Surveys (15%): Gathers public opinion through polls, although currently paused.

  5. Dominance (10%): Observes Bitcoin's market cap dominance as a sign of investor sentiment towards risk.

  6. Trends (10%): Pulls data from Google Trends on Bitcoin-related queries, interpreting changes in search volumes.

Why Measure Fear and Greed?

Market Behavior Insights

The index offers insights into the market's emotional state, helping to identify extremes that might signify market turning points.

Strategy Development

Traders use the index to refine their strategies, potentially taking contrarian positions when extreme sentiment levels are reached.

How Can it be Used in Crypto Markets?

Identifying Market Extremes

  • Traders can use the index to spot potential tops (extreme greed) or bottoms (extreme fear) in the market.

Contrarian Trading Strategies

  • The index serves as a tool for contrarian strategies, where traders might buy during extreme fear or sell during extreme greed.

Complementary Analysis

  • The index can complement technical and fundamental analyses, adding a sentiment layer to trading decisions.

Specific Use Cases

1. Market Entry and Exit Points

  • Traders might consider entering the market when the index shows extreme fear, suggesting a potential bottom, and exiting when extreme greed is indicated.

2. Risk Management

  • The index can inform risk management decisions, particularly in adjusting position sizes based on market sentiment.

3. Portfolio Diversification

  • Investors might use the index to time diversification moves, such as shifting to altcoins when Bitcoin dominance decreases (indicating greed towards riskier assets).

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