Bot Tracker


In the realm of cryptocurrency trading, the "Bot Tracker" indicator emerges as a sophisticated tool for monitoring and interpreting market activities that are likely driven by bots. This indicator tracks and counts specific types of market orders, often executed in a pattern that suggests automated trading. Understanding bot activity can provide traders with unique insights into market dynamics and potential influences on price movements.

What is the "Bot Tracker" Indicator?


The Bot Tracker is designed to identify and count market orders that resemble bot activity. These are typically repetitive orders with distinctive characteristics, such as orders of the same size occurring multiple times within a short period.


The indicator focuses on patterns in market orders (both buys and sells) that are indicative of automated trading strategies. For example, detecting multiple orders of 556,661 units executed in the same minute would be flagged as potential bot activity.


Traders can filter the results to focus on specific aspects:

  • Buys: Tracks only buy orders that suggest bot activity.

  • Sells: Focuses on sell orders indicative of bots.

  • Total: Counts all bot-like activities, irrespective of buy or sell.

  • Delta (Buys - Sells): Provides a net view of bot activity, showing whether bots are predominantly buying or selling.

Why is it Important?

Market Influence

Bot-driven trades can significantly influence market dynamics, sometimes leading to sudden price movements or increased volatility.

Trading Strategy Adjustment

Understanding bot activity can aid traders in adjusting their strategies, particularly in short-term or high-frequency trading scenarios.

How Can it be Used in Crypto Markets?

Detecting Market Sentiment

An increase in bot-driven buys or sells can indicate prevailing market sentiment. For example, a surge in bot buys might suggest bullish sentiment.

Identifying Potential Price Movements

High bot activity, especially in the delta metric, can signal impending price movements. A high positive delta might precede a price increase, whereas a high negative delta could foreshadow a drop.

Specific Use Cases

Short-term Trading Decisions

  • Traders can use the "Bot Tracker" to make informed short-term trades. For instance, identifying a surge in bot buying activity could be a signal to enter a long position.

Volatility Analysis

  • By tracking bot activity, traders can gauge potential volatility. A sudden increase in bot transactions might indicate upcoming price volatility, allowing traders to prepare accordingly.

Market Momentum Tracking

  • The indicator can be used to track momentum. For instance, consistent bot-driven buying over a period might suggest sustained bullish momentum.

Contrarian Trading

  • Advanced traders might use this tool for contrarian strategies. For example, if bot activity overwhelmingly suggests a buying trend, a contrarian trader might prepare for a potential reversal.

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