Whale vs Retail Delta

Our whale vs retail delta indicator (WRD) for binance is used throughout many of the hyblock products including the main charts, probability histogram, coin screener, etc.

The concept of this indicator is to try to identify large gaps between retail long% and whale long%. So for example, if retail is constantly long and increasing their long% over time, while whales are heavier on the short side (and/or reducing their long exposure), the whale vs retail delta will display this.

This indicator ranges from -100 to 100, with 0 representing whales and retail positioned exactly the same. Very high (or positive) values of WRD indicate that whales having higher long exposure than retail while low (or negative) values indicate retail has more long exposure than whales.

It is also important to identify the directionality of WRD and which way the indicator is trending. For example, if WRD has a value of -30 and then starts increasing to -10, this can indicate that whales are increasing their long exposure (or reducing short exposure), while retail are doing the opposite (despite the value being negative).

More often than not when whales are taking the opposite side of retail, it is the whale that are usually right (note: like everything in trading, nothing is 100%). Finding these divergences early can help spot a breakout trade or even periods of accumulation / distribution.

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